• Law analysis of the conflict situation, forming the strategy of protection of the client's interests
  • Pre-trial regulating of the dispute
  • Representing the client's interests in arbitrage courts
  • Providing the performance of the judiciary act (accompanying the managing performance and other procedures)

We take part in resolving following types of disputes:

  • Corporate disputes
  • Commercial disputes
  • Anti monopoly disputes
  • Disputes in protection of dignity, honour and business reputation
  • Tax disputes
  • Administrative disputes (disputes with state institutions)
  • Investment disputes
  • Disputes in the area of real estate
  • Disputed in the area of insurance
  • Disputes in the area of intake tusk properly protection
  • Disputes in the area of bankruptcy procedure
  • Disputes in protection of honour, dignity and professional reputation
  • Customs disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Disputes in protection customers' rights
  • Other types of disputes
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